Establishing of the company

The history of our beginnings dates back to 1956, when Józef Matuszkiewicz, the family’s senior, founded a sawmill, employing several workers to provide services to local residents. The activity of the sawmill, mainly focused on providing sawmill services, was carried on continuously until the 90’s.

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The next generation

The next generation of the owners of the company, Władysław and Dorota Matuszkiewicz, in respect to the family tradition of reliability and based on the gained experience, expanded the production area of 5 ha and technological modernization in order to adapt to the new product needs of the international market.

Dynamic growth

Based on high-quality raw materials from the Polish National Forests, latest technology with 30 drying chambers from reputable manufacturers, employment at the level of approx. 240 experienced employees and many years of work and knowledge of specialists, MAT-TAR has achieved the position of one of the largest wooden floors producers in Poland.

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Worldwide export

The Mat-Tar brand gained an appreciation also abroad. Oak floors are exported to almost every edge of the world, from European countries, to the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

Company presentation

From raw material purchase to the finished product

The quality of oak floors and other MAT-TAR products is guaranteed by the comprehensive production process including the stages of purchasing the raw material in the Polish National Forests, its transport, processing, and ending with the finished product ready for installation in our clients’ homes.