Oak floor boards

Another in the range of our products is made entirely of one wood element – 100% oak. The technology of making boards is based on a tongue and groove joint.

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A timeless structure that can be renovated

Solid oak floors owe their charm to a timeless structure and the possibility of multiple renovation.

Working for years, they are like a book, on the pages of which many stories are written.

Isn’t it proud to present the floor on which the next generations take their first steps?


The longevity of wood

Quality chosen by architects

Designers, architects and builders of houses and facilities recommend choosing a wooden floor. It is very practical – it allows multiple sanding, therefore extending its durability and perfect appearance for years. A solid wooden board with its thickness allows you to combine the beauty of nature and modern durability. Wood is a material characterized by great shock absorption and warmth, which also affects the comfort and durability of the floor.


Wymiar A x BWymiar C
16 x 120 / 140 mm400 – 2200
20 x 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 / 200 mm400 – 2200


  • Natur / Rustikal (A/B)
  • Country / Antyk (C/D)
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